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Sam Torwey wants to build a tree house and camp out under the stars. He dreams of finding treasure or solving a mystery. He longs for the old-fashioned adventure described in his books, where the action never stops. He just can't find an ally. His peers are glued to cell phones, his parents to computers. Video games are the most popular form of entertainment and relationships develop via text message.  This is the digital age and Sam isn't part of it.


As another dismal summer draws to a close, a mysterious slingshot falls into his possession. Before he has time to examine it thoroughly, sixth grade begins and he is thrust into the perils of middle school. His oldest friend abandons him, his teacher is infuriating and a humiliating video goes viral. The situation is dire. Things only begin to improve when he meets two new friends and the hunt for adventure is revived. The trio makes an intriguing discovery about the origin of Sam’s slingshot while exploring the school grounds. Questions abound. The search for answers takes them across rivers and into caves, through locked doors and down secret passages. Before long, the boys are entangled in a mystery spanning more than a hundred years. One thing becomes clear: something valuable is hidden inside the dilapidated school, and it’s been missing for a long time. They soon discover someone else is trying to solve the mystery, someone desperate …even dangerous.


The school year brings Sam plenty of adventure, maybe more than he can handle...

Sam Torwey knows nothing about the old mansion at the end of Westbourne Terrace. He and his friends have more important things to think about, like going back for the rest of Jacob Juniper’s treasure. That should be easy - they’re the only ones who know about it.

So why can’t Sam shake the feeling he’s being watched at school? And why
does that strange black car keep turning up all over town?

The mansion could hold the answers. But if Sam and his friends make it inside, they might not make it out…

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